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Martyn Joseph performs his song ‘Albert’s Place’ to the woman who inspired it, Andrea Bell, in the Sunderland foodbank and soup kitchen that she runs.

The Unthanks and Angeline Morrison sing that Katie Toner, from Northumberland, “will make a dream” for neurodiverse children by organising accessible parties and sleepovers

Teesside group The Young’uns perform their song ‘Doctor Boro’ to the man who inspired it, Dr. Ifti Lone, and his wife Miriam.

Michael Dodds, a fifth-generation foyboatman who helps ships dock in the Port of Sunderland, stars in a modern maritime folk tune by Kathryn Williams and Squeeze’s Chris Difford. 

The 21st Century Folk project is intended as a modern version of the BBC’s groundbreaking Radio Ballads, in which Ewan MacColl wrote about ordinary British people in the late 1950s and early ’60s. The programmes made a creative use of environmental sounds and other ground breaking uses of audio recordings.

For those wondering what is meant by Agit Disco please download the ebook and in there are essays that will explain all.

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