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Paper cutting from 20th May – Manic Street Preachers. Song from 1999…


I’ve never been a Manics listener, but this caught my eye as of obv Agit Disco classic. And as it plays my 14 year old daughter calls out ‘One of my favourite bands’. They do really they have place in importance in British/ Welsh working class musical history.

Considering the fight against fascism we are again faced with…

César Strawberry rapper get two year prison sentence for lyrics (suspended).

  • “”In December, 12 members of the rap group Insurgencia each received two-year jail terms, for glorifying terrorism in one of their songs

  • In February, the Supreme Court confirmed a three-and-a-half year jail term for Mallorcan rapper Valtònyc for glorifying terrorism and insulting the monarchy in his lyrics

  • Earlier this month, Catalan rapper Pablo Hasél also received a two-year sentence and a fine of 37,800 euros (£33,500; $46,700) on similar charges

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Meanwhile in Turkey and elsewhere”

Back in Blightly Transpontine reminds me that the anti-rave Criminal Justice Act from 1994 is still in effect …