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I have to admire the guts of this guy – Mr.Guti . Apparently Basra is run by gangs and it is somewhere you can be in danger if you espouse western modernist forms in public. I saw a programme on Youtube influencers in Iraq the other night. One has been killed and another, in Bagdad, was running a legal  battle against people threatening her (which she was winning!) and had to live almost in isolation with her daughter. These people are fighting for basic freedom of expression which we take for granted. This was in Baghdad which is reckoned to be generally much safer to live an and more stable than Basra.

The video above start in Arabic and then about half way there is an version in English. The lyrics area protest a bout the desperate poverty of the mass of people…

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“Northampton-based rapper Slowthai caused the biggest stir by performing with a dummy of Boris Johnson’s severed head, which he held aloft as he performed Doorman, a track about wealth disparity in modern Britain. … he explained the song, like the rest of his album, aimed to give a voice to “the people from small communities that have been forgotten about”.

“It’s time to let people in,” he said.”

Tzu is a Belfast / Mancunian rapper that transcends genre to emit a raw poetic power. On a volcanic scale when heard live!

His song ‘The Bridge’ should be a hit but no commercial outfit will dare to promote this revolutionary metaphor of human division because its too in tune the zeitgeist of those young people who want to move on from ‘The Troubles’ and a bunch of politicians whose take on democracy is noting but insulation for the blood letting of neo-liberal corporate agendas. To do this we need solidarity. And to achieve  solidarity Read More »

LocAL south london rapper Speech Debelle has recently been hailed as the Nex Big Thing.

(terribelle website)

Its the raw song about her father, Daddy’s Little Girl, that seems to be causing waves…

She’s been Discovered by Roots Manuva producer Wayne Lote whose produced her first (now Mercury winning!) album ‘Speech Therapy’.

Is it possible to find hyped up commercial success and still be a voice of the streets of Streatham? In some ways for sure, but its nothing like hearing raw talent in your own back yard, or local pub, or friends party. And its not just the context of hearing, the edges are soon burnished by success and the high class or glamourous company that comes with the relative wealth.

Review by Tom Jennings