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Coming up to the election we have quite a few Agit Disco groups gunning for the charts:

Video above is from West London DIY Creative Collective Dovetown.

Cassette Boy + Russell Brand are putting out:

not only but also let’s not leave out:

Best ever Agit Disco album just republished on SoundCloud in August 2014

It is really great to see this important and little known album re-issued again on SoundCloud after twenty years. It was first issued as a cassette tape for those who frequented 56a Infoshop and its networks in South London. I was struck by its eloquent and radical lyrics and beautiful, inventive instrumental backing when I first heard it. Certainly it was the stand-out album of political songs of the Nineties in South London. I had seen Steve Cope perform his songs solo on a few occasions like at a St Agnes Place squat party, but these recordings of the songs with other talented local musicians frame Cope’s powerful lyrics with a musicianship that makes them works of art as much as heart-felt protest songs.

Each track on Soundcloud now has a carefully chosen image that adds something to the digital presentation that the analogue tape could not of course have. I wondered if this was the result of a particularly magical recording session but Martin says “It was essentially live music, so I never thought of the recording (on Fostex 8 track) as being exceptional, just a different thing.” Also looking at the cassette liner notes it looks like different tracks were recorded at different locations.

The song ‘Animals’ makes me cry every time I hear it. Such a passionate and

poetic song. My favourite of the whole album. It addresses peoples in-humanity in a deeply felt alliance with all animals, with nature even, against the violence of oppression and exploitation targeted by the callous few against the majority of people. It also works as a statement against cruelty to all life. For me it achieves a singular artistic statement that sums up the righteous anger that liberation needs. An important and necessary emotion that is hard to express most of the time. Its key chorus-line: “I’m with the animals” is spat out over a rolling and hypnotic bass rhythm. About 4 minutes in there is some brilliant growling trumpet playing by Martin Dixon that expresses the build-up of outrage in a way that reminds me of the expressive power of some of the best modern Jazz playing.

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The Janey Buchan Political Song Collection at Glasgow University

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“Oh, dear me, the warld’s ill-divided,

Them that work the hardest are aye wi’ least provided.”

Janey Buchan, born 30th April 1926; died 14th January 2012.

(A Political Song night at the Concert Hall of the University of Glasgow. It was £7 pay on the door – took place on 30 November 2013)

There are many singer songwriters that have been bashing out political songs and music for years and because theydon’t live in my area of Greater London don’t come to my notice and get onto this blog. Its about time two of them did! One of these is Robb Johnson who also established ‘Irregular Records’ in Brighton in 1985.

 Irregular Records also published the music of Alun Parry a Liverpool based musician who organised the unique Liverpool Festival of Working Class (Life and) Music in from 2008 to 2011. Alun is about to bring out a new album after four years and you can order it here; as well as download a free album as a taster.   The album launch is on 21st September.

Alun Parry was also one of the founder members of AFC Liverpool.  Which is part of an English movement to establish fan owned football clubs. These include AFC Wimbledon, now in the professional league, and F.C. United of Manchester