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The algorithms that select material for me to see on my social media have somehow not come up with the name of Raja Meziane. In spite of my having just spend a week in ESAD Valence in France with some immigrants from Algeria making an Agit Disco Dispersal. It took the state controlled BBC to tell me that Raja has become the ‘sound of the youth revolution’ in Algeria with 35 million views on YouTube this year…

Despite failing to secure a record deal in Algeria, she has continued to post her anti-government songs online.

She was forced to emigrate a few years ago and lives in Prague where she is studying International Law as well as continuing to record. She is one the BBC’s 100 Influential Women of 2019.

Months ago I got a letter and CD ‘Will We Always Be Blind Idiots?’ by US group ‘Christ!’ from Stair in Norwich. S/he runs the wonderful website STIMULANTS . What I like about this website is the way you can see the radical media for sale in a wild range of categories. Stair has spent hours tagging all the materials which represent a certain, often hard to find, anarcho-punk culture with plenty of incursions into mainstream material like Ricky Gervais DVDs. Makes for refreshing browwwwZing. Like gliding slowly like an owl over a twilight media landscape. Then if you fancy something you can actually get to purchase it.

Hours of surfing later…agit disco CD choice =  Anarcho-Punk Compilations Vol. 1 Anti-War, Vol 2 Anti State, Vol 3 Anti-Society, Vol 4 Anti-Capitalism. Only £8 each post free!

UpDate 2018: Has anyone heard of Stair and hir website ‘Stimulants’ ? It seems to have disappeared from the interweb.