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Paper cutting from 20th May – Manic Street Preachers. Song from 1999…


I’ve never been a Manics listener, but this caught my eye as of obv Agit Disco classic. And as it plays my 14 year old daughter calls out ‘One of my favourite bands’. They do really they have place in importance in British/ Welsh working class musical history.

Considering the fight against fascism we are again faced with…

The new acoustic album by Manic Street Preachers sounds as if they haven’t lost their agit disco punch. In a review by Rick Pearson in the Metro he reckons it is their ‘bitterest’ record since ‘Holy Bible’ in 1994. My attention was brought to the political importance of the Manics, especially to the youth of South Wales, by the Agit Disco selection made by Sian Addicott. The track ’30 year War’ was written before Thatcher died – “it’s a critique of the attack on the working classes over the last 30 years”┬áJames Dean Bradfield.