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Almost forgot to blog my own Agit Disco dispersal event at Farnham. It was the closing event for the Working Press archiving exhibition ‘Building a Better World’ in the magnificent library social space. The Agit Disco project had arisen organically from the music chapter in 1993 The Conspiracy of Good Taste (Free Download new illustrated edition here)


Using the tiniest record deck in the world that was wired up to a more hefty portable college sound system. It managed to cause a rumpus in the library with the Head Librarian loving the arrival of music (studies) whilst one of her staff was bristling about volume and distraction to the upper reading rooms. They had a little set to and the head of Library had to give the other a stern order to put up and shut up!

The Working Press archive book on the round table above is available for free download from here ‘RISE’

It was a small event but a good crowd with selections from Susan Merrick and Emmanuelle Waeckerle.


A ‘French Agit Disco’, an annotated list of songs made by son and mother, Francis Haselden and Sharon Kivland, was offered for an ambitious Agit Disco benefit for London’s Housemans radical bookshop in April 2014, in response to the wider Agit Disco project. Agit Disco is an archive project. It refers to the ‘domestic’ record collections both in physical form in our houses and flats and in our memories. The process of selection is a critical process of second distillation. The first process occurs as particular records, CDs, and MP3s are bought or otherwise obtained from the mass of commercial commodities that reflects systemic interests or constructs a panoply of material which is not conducive to challenging these interests or thinking critically about them. Selectors produce their Agit Disco playlist. Intellectual processes of review, comparison, and evaluation bring into focus the themes and effects of this heritage of listening. Then a collaborative and communicative process happens. The playlist is produced as a real object, a ‘mix-tape’ that can be given, sent, heard by others, or imagined, finding its place in archives to be heard again when the right moment arises, perhaps with others, at a real disco, a party, an after-dinner session. The process generates proposals and statements, and it is important the tracks are liberated from systemic worlds of commodity and become part of another gift economy.

The French Agit Disco song titles and commentary were printed in a slipcase booklet that formed the cover of a plastic CD case containing an audio CD of the playlist. The first nine songs are organised into groups under the following genre sub-headings printed in red: Chansons (from 1957 and 1965), ‘Ye-Ye’ (from 1966 and 1967) and ‘a few chansons from May 68. These are then followed by two songs from 1979 and 1980, and then a final three from 2001, 2008, and 2011.The audio CD that accompanied the booklet was presented as a keynote to that event.

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Revolution 05: The Catapult Club Archive
Thu 18 April, 6.30pm & Fri 19 – Sat 20 April, 12-5pm

Photograph of cassettes from The Catapult Club archive

Vivid Projects unravels Birmingham’s music history with a very special collection of cassette demos to celebrate Record Store Day 2013, in partnership with Birmingham Music Archive and The Catapult Club.
Since 1989, Catapult Club founder Arthur Tapp has been in the business of championing music in Birmingham. As resident promoter at Brummie institutions including the Hare & HoundsThe Jug of AleThe Actress & Bishop and Birmingham Academy/ O2 Academy he has acquired a vast collection of band demos, posters and flyers in the process.

Join us Thursday 18th – Saturday 20th April as we delve into Arthur’s vast archive, documenting Birmingham’s local music scene in analogue – from cassette tape demos to cut ‘n’ paste posters.

Full Programme Click

A Women’s Liberation Music Archive was launched as an online blog in May 2011 by Frankie Green and Dr Deborah Withers. They have an exhibition coming up at Space Station Sixty-Five, 373 Kennington Road, SE11 4PS, from the 1st December to 13th January 2013. The opening is on Friday the 30th November 2012.

This focuses on how women used music as an activist tool to entertain and empower women during the 1970s and 1980s – the politics of music making explored. Currently on tour to Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow.

Months ago I got a letter and CD ‘Will We Always Be Blind Idiots?’ by US group ‘Christ!’ from Stair in Norwich. S/he runs the wonderful website STIMULANTS . What I like about this website is the way you can see the radical media for sale in a wild range of categories. Stair has spent hours tagging all the materials which represent a certain, often hard to find, anarcho-punk culture with plenty of incursions into mainstream material like Ricky Gervais DVDs. Makes for refreshing browwwwZing. Like gliding slowly like an owl over a twilight media landscape. Then if you fancy something you can actually get to purchase it.

Hours of surfing later…agit disco CD choice =  Anarcho-Punk Compilations Vol. 1 Anti-War, Vol 2 Anti State, Vol 3 Anti-Society, Vol 4 Anti-Capitalism. Only £8 each post free!

UpDate 2018: Has anyone heard of Stair and hir website ‘Stimulants’ ? It seems to have disappeared from the interweb.


This section of Public Collectors is devoted to documentation of underground music resources drawn from small press magazines, self-published fanzines and personal collections from before the internet. Alternative archives