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A History of Anti-Fascist Punk Around the World

in 9 Songs

Consider these songs inspiration for radical survival throughout the grim four years ahead.

By Jes Skolnik March 6, 2017

Graphic by Jessica Viscius
I think Spinoza would have approved…

Sometimes I need to mark the mainstream moving forward in a progressive direction. I’d be happy to have a comment that argues how this is simply recuperation of BLM. Its complicated… But, but, but… Onwards!

viva La revolution!

“In 2012, Aung San Suu Kyi called on the Russian government to release members of the all-girl punk group Pussy Riot whose members had been imprisoned for two years for staging an anti-government protest in Moscow’s pre-eminent Orthodox cathedral. Having herself only been released from long-term house arrest in 2010, Aung San Suu Kyi stated at an Amnesty International conference, “I don’t see why people shouldn’t sing whatever it is they want to sing.” “

Grammy-winning punk rock singer Henry Rollins told Al Jazeera, “I think Rebel Riot is using the vehicle of music to put a message across is punk rock in its purest form and optimum application.” Having visited Myanmar in 2008 in the wake of Cyclone Nargis, Rollins said that “it doesn’t surprise me at all that punk music would have an appeal anywhere in the world” including Myanmar, which has existed largely under a military dictatorship since 1962.

He said punks have always faced harassment from authorities, including himself while singer of the punk band, Black Flag. But he said that the harassment experienced by punks in the United Kingdom and United States was “was nothing like what truth-tellers and those questioning established authority systems like in Myanmar and Russia face. Not even close.

“The situation wasn’t so extreme that you risked arrest and worse for merely having an opinion. Rebel Riot or Pussy Riot put far more on the line, at far greater risk than I ever had to,” he said.

Starting off in the rap scene in Britain.

But hey! don’t watch Al Jazzera, watch George’s own podcast here: ‘What does it take to govern effectively?’ is this model for politicians of the future? YOU decide! 😉

This man has a beguiling calm in his tone of voice…

Anne Feeney, folk singer and political activist, dies at 69

Shamed to say I’d not heard of her and she was a powerful voice who’s work pervades the culture and will live on long into the future.

Buruh Tani (field workers), a popular peasant song from the Indonesian people.

Buy the single!

A song by ye olde socialist singer songwriter Robb Johnson is a tribute to the Beast of Bolsover radical left MP Dennis Skinner.

The video for the song is made by Film maker Daniel Draper who made the above film about Dennis a couple of years ago.

Its great to hear a self-reliant working class artists suddenly getting his head above the parapet. Just look at the work he’s amassed over the years on his own record label.

“Initially Irregular Records was intended as a means to release my own recordings, the first of which appeared & sort of just sat there mouldering in boxes in my dad’s garage in 1985. However, in 1987 the second album “Skewed, Slewed, Stewed & Awkward” did a little better & eventually I seem to have sold or given away all 500 copies. In 1991 Irregular released its first CD, & by the end of the 90s Irregular was releasing albums by people who for one reason or another thought it was a good idea to operate under the Irregular flag of convenience. Currently we have just started the UNLaBELLED label, with the intention of supporting & encouraging artists who are in the process of establishing a wider, national reputation. There is not much of an Irregular business plan: I make CDs & if Irregular can be of help to artists whose work I like then so much the better. I think that Irregular may well be one of the longest surviving independents that has remained truly independent.”