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I missed this on the BBC Sounds six years ago….

Catherine Bott, soprano, doesn’t exactly come to the same conclusions as I do in the book SiLENCE! but it’s an interesting programme. I’ve begun to whistle on my morning dog walks in the hope I might get better… I also whistle along to Radio 6 when I’m driving any distance on my own.

Is there an app I should know about?

legendary whistler Ronalde
Sheila Harrod
Tamas Hacki
Something most people could whistle along with…

I couldn’t find any footage of people whistling in the streets in England in the Fifites but it must exist somewhere?

finally Satchmo

Emma Smith’s work five years ago in Nottingham and for the Whistling Orchestra of Philadelphia looks interesting. Apparently Philadelphia has a traditions of whistling because of its strong working class culture…

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