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I just learnt about a big group that is signed to SONY – Everything, Everything. Their latest album A Fever Dream is out and the BBC kindly does a feature on them. The odd thing is that every single song that they write is ‘political’.

There is even a ‘subversive’ narrative built into the publicity: “it’s worth noting that Everything Everything have always dressed up their angst in a cathartic explosion of melodic pop.  That’s how they sneak songs like Cough Cough (about greed for oil), My Kz Ur Bf(airstrikes) and Night Of The Long Knives, [which refers to Hitler’s bloody purge of the Nazi party in 1934,] onto daytime radio.”

They seem to reflect an politicisation of their young audiences who will sing along with many of their songs in concerts.

I’m reading ‘Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent: Capitalism, Democracy and the Organisation of Consent’. edited by Rebecca Fisher. This  book argues that such phenomena commodify critical political thinking whilst at the same time aggrandising ‘market’ principles and commodity values. But I think it must be a little edgy. There must be a chance that the fans of ‘Everything, Everything’ might just think their way outside of the lyrical box provided by these pop songsters and demand and end to the facade that capitalism throws up as culture. I think that the group are taking grassroots radical demands and making them more moderate and mainstream.

“The hegemonic system tends to co-opt dissenting groups through commodification of subcultures and the active expansion of neoliberal projects that limits politics to ‘what works’ within an increasingly international and privatised economic framework.” p.131 Carroll and Greeno.


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