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Where are we going with this?  Is it marketising the revolution before it happens? Is it authentic? Is she ready to go to prison for her statements? Risk losing her millions? Or was it all agreed with her marketing department?


To me it always feels like it might burst but we just ain’t ready.

Update 26th April. Lemonade, her new album is certainly making waves. Perhaps it is the radical power of the commodity and celebrity that it can turn on its money master and demand reforms, changes of attitude – in this case changes in normative attitudes to black women in the USA at least.

Todays Hillsborough Enquiry result is more powerful and revolutionary  because it comes form the bottom up – it signifies a working class refusal to take that classist shit? It shows the working class in Liverpool can assert its power within a legal framework that was evolved to protect bourgeois ‘freedoms’ and so class oppression. Equal before the law? We’ll see about that!

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