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‘Music & Politics’ with John Hutnyk, John Pandit from Asian Dub Foundation and Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental
Wednesday 8th October, 7pm   Housemans Bookshop, KingsX

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase. (book to avoid disappointment)



John Hutnyk will be discussing his most recent book, ‘Pantomime Terror: Music and Politics’ (Zero Books 2014), which explores the music of artists who have confronted the status-quo in a post 9/11 world, and the demonization such artists have had to contend with as a result.

Hutnyk considers the likes of Fun-da-Mental’s Aki Nawaz, portrayed as a ‘suicide rapper’, Asian Dub Foundation striking poses from the street in support of youth in Paris and Algiers, and M.I.A., outspoken defender of the Tamil struggle, as well as  reflecting on bus bombs, comedy circuits, critical theory, Arabian Nights, Bradley Wiggins, Dinarzade, Karl Marx, Paris boulevards, Molotov, Mao, the Eiffel Tower, reserve armies, lists, Richard Wagner, Samina Malik, Slavoj Žižek, Freudian slips, red-heads, and Guantanamo.

John will be joined by John Pandit from Asian Dub Foundation and Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental.

“If you’re of the opinion that music and politics should generally keep the fuck out of each other’s way, then Pantomime Terror will be a tough sell. But author John Hutnyk’s polemic is rational, convincing and supported by relentless, tirelessly researched cross-referencing, so consider us sold.” ~ Record Collector UK

“This book starts with the countless provocations that surround us in the ambient war on terror. However, rather than retreating into either loathsome self-pity or indignant self-righteousness, Hutnyk responds with the thumping provocation to think and get real!” ~ Nikos Papastergiadis, University of Melbourne

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