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In 1994 Nelson Mandela, Madiba, became president of South Africa. That year The Mad Professor a Guyanese record producer in South London suburb of Thornton Heath began to bring out a series of agit-disco albums under the title Black Liberation Dub.

Black Liberation Dub 1front

Black Liberation Dub  Chapter 1  1994

“Reverb slashes through the tick-tocking pulse of “Chip on the Slave Master Shoulder.” The song is almost entirely rhythm. Even its bassline is more an indistinct presence than a palpable element.” Nathan Bush

Includes tracks with titles ‘Slavery 21st Century’, ‘Freedom Must be Taken’, ‘Black Skin, White Minds’, ‘Colonial Mentality’.

Brilliant cover graphics hammer home the message of liberation.

Black Liberation Dub 1back

Black Liberation Dub  Chapter 2 Anti-Racist Dub Broadcast  1995

“The producer nearly outdoes himself on the full-fledged alien attack of “Petty Bourgeois Dub.” Taking the heavyweight sound to heights of his own, he gives new meaning to the word “dread” as he liquefies the beat and drives it through your speakers” Nathan Bush

Black Liberation Dub  Chapter 3   Evolution of Dub 1996

“Village Gossip” is laced with dissonant, cinematic string scratches, while “Atonement Dub” incorporates the violin on dub’s terms to great effect, like some bizarre update on Augustus Pablo’s trademark melodica” Nathan Bush

Black Liberation Dub  Chapter 4    Under the Spell of Dub 1997

Guest vocals from Macka B, Dennis Nolan and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Tracks include ‘Mental Bondage’, ‘Black Panther Dub’ & ‘Master Race’. Details

Black Liberation Dub  Chapter 5   Afro-centric Dub  1999

“The rhythms for songs like “Confa Dance” and “Digital Delight” (one of the best electronic reggae tunes the Mad Professor has created) convey an infectiousness that seemed lost by the end of the Dub Me Crazy series.” Nathan Bush

I came across a couple of these LPs in Sister Ray, Soho record shop and was amazed I hadn’t come across them or been alerted before. What an impressive achievement this series was!

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