Skip navigation a online anti-poverty campaigning organisation headed by Bono with Time Magazine’s Michael Elliott as CEO. Other directors include: Joshua Bolten who is MD of Rock Creek Global Advisors, an international business advisory firm; Howard G, Buffett, President of his eponymous Foundation; Joe Cerrell director of the Gates Foundation’s Europe office; John Doerr from Google and Amazon’s board; Condoleezza Rice, etc etc.

They have made a deal to bring us a selection of the worlds top protest songs via Spotify presented on a high-end slickly designed website complete with spray paint stencil graph style logos. ‘scuze me whilst I put two fingers down my throat… Photo gallery sponsored (and edited?) by Nokia.

They want to ensure that the right decisions are made at the G8 by gettting down with the worlds young protestors. Lovely jubbly!

Hang On! Isn’t it just these people we are meant to be protesting against? Did you really sign up to this Elvis Costello? C’mon man!

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