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She was a model of upward mobility in our divisive meritocracy. But she was also driven by hatred for working class people who don’t want to aspire to values of the upper classes. When the Poll Tax Refusal-to-Pay campaign brought her down the Tories tried to find another lower class frontman. But John Major with his musichall roots was mild in comparison; Tony ‘Gulf War’ Blair did a better job. Now they are not trying to hide behind a lowerclass nutcase. Now its down to putting forward the best toff illusionists and smarmy charm merchant they can find amongst their own ranks. Bring in Darren Brown to expose their chicanery. They will fail.

Thatcher was a symbol and so is her death. If she stood for lower class division and self-hatred and the coldest free market ‘logic’ then her death can be a symbol of how that must perish. The alien worm of class hatred had entered her brain at some stage. Once she had felt the admiration of the rich and eminent she was hooked on the power they lent her.

Now she is dead the minds of all the remaining zombies of aspiration to self-hatred can finally be freed from their ‘Belief’ in humilating Toff Coalition bollix. But there is only one thing that must be done first to clear out any lingering psychosomatic effects. Shake to this ritual concoction of music.

ONE  Test Dept.

TWO  The Beat

THREE  Crass

FOUR Hard Skin

FIVE  Demon Rockers

SIX  Hefner

SEVEN Pete Wylie

EIGHT  notsensibles

NINE  The Specials

TEN The Newtown Neurotics

My top ten to mark the end of dark days. These ditties were all copied from my F*bk feed as news of Thatcher’s death spread.

If you think there’s any traces of alienation left in you – here’s more (and please do suggest more!)

Red Pepper’s list is nicely presented and the comments list quite a few more:

PS 1 The last word to the  Miner’s wives

Thatcher is dead, may Thatcherism now also begin to wither.

What is it that takes over a small town woman who feels the hatred for her own class so deeply. Who cannot stand the person who is a victim to the extent of supporting apartheid and Pinochet’s deadly regime? She saw the solution to her class as the destruction of all that was below it. It is like an alien force had invested her heart, something inhuman was directing her, making her want to destroy.

The upper class love a lower class person who is willing to destroy their own fellows who can be seduced by their charms. Even better for them to be presented with a powerful woman with these urges. If the toffs had done it themselves, as they are forced to now, we might have more easily seen it as class war and turned on them. They are now desperately trying keep the fire of our self-hatred alive in the figure of ‘benefits scroungers’ and a new system to punish those who do not earn their keep.

But their arrogance, in awarding themselves a tax reduction at the same time, as if they are angels above all earthly woes, is their weakness. They will fall. But for us we must deal with our own self-hatred. To me we can only deal with it physically. Through intelligent love, closeness, emotion, comedy, connection, tears, support… that is why I think dancing is essential.

The Labour party is confused by its focus groups into populist policies with no integrity. And middle class advisors who have the wrong set of social values. All Labour Party local meetings need to begin and end with wild dancing.

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