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Months ago I got a letter and CD ‘Will We Always Be Blind Idiots?’ by US group ‘Christ!’ from Stair in Norwich. S/he runs the wonderful website STIMULANTS . What I like about this website is the way you can see the radical media for sale in a wild range of categories. Stair has spent hours tagging all the materials which represent a certain, often hard to find, anarcho-punk culture with plenty of incursions into mainstream material like Ricky Gervais DVDs. Makes for refreshing browwwwZing. Like gliding slowly like an owl over a twilight media landscape. Then if you fancy something you can actually get to purchase it.

Hours of surfing later…agit disco CD choice =  Anarcho-Punk Compilations Vol. 1 Anti-War, Vol 2 Anti State, Vol 3 Anti-Society, Vol 4 Anti-Capitalism. Only £8 each post free!

UpDate 2018: Has anyone heard of Stair and hir website ‘Stimulants’ ? It seems to have disappeared from the interweb.



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