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I was handed a copy of Occupied Times newspaper  #09 when I was visiting St Pauls Cathedral yesterday and inside was an article by Adam Jung who runs Occupation Records. They’re just bringing out a benefit album: ‘Folk the Bank$’, featuring Ani DiFranco, Tom Morello, Billy Bragg and Sam Duckworth with cover art by Jamie Reid. This and several other  albums are intended to be crowd-funded projects via There is an aim to model a 99% style record label. The 45 Revolutions Per Minute Collective   is the workforce behind Occupied Records.

On the same spread there was an article by Dorian Lynskey about the abscence, as yet, of an Occupy anthem, and he then goes on to discuss how music can be political: “The roles that music can play in times of crisis and resistance are many and varied and if there isn’t one song that everyone can slap a label on and call an anthem, well, like Morello said, ‘who the fuck cares?’.”

On page 19 the paper reproduces Leon Rosselson’s words of the ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ (Diggers Song) as best sung perhaps by Dick Gaughan although I have found it most moving when sung more slowly, and collectively.


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