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Rahul Verma in todays Metro writes an ode to British Iraqi rapper Lowkey. He is “loyal the the roots”;  “in these discontented times… couldn’t be more relevant”; “in the tradition of Public Enemy, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique”; “ensure hip hop remembers its responsibility to challenge, question and act as a voice for the oppressed”. And a beautiful portrait photo of Lowkey to top it off – much better than most of his more macho publicity shots. I’m always amazed when such gems appear in what is usually a crap middle of the road paper.

Soundtrack to the Struggle..., Lowkey

This is all a review of his Soundtrack to the Struggle LP (Mesopotamia Music)  After writing this I heard ‘Hand On Your Gun’ on Resonance in the car which has a stroke of ironic genius as a chorus sample -“Keep Your Hand on Your Gun” probably from some western = brilliant. See hear

Verma goes on to look at other independent UK hip hop voices, Mikill, Tricky Micky, & Random Impulse: Not to be found on Metro’s terrible website !?  so no link.

And by the way on the question of oppression, do people know what it means?! In all the Occupy! and leftfield activity I get the feeling that oppression and its affects are rarely understood in any depth. There is no theory of oppression in common circulation that I know of.

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