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Reverend And The Makers have released a song online ‘inspired’ by the recent rioting across the UK.
“It’s free, it’s not a money thing in any way”, says Jon McCLure.

I say to J.M. “How can you say its ‘not a money thing’. Publicity is cash for when you release the next Makers album”. Bandwagon jumping alert.

The art and music worlds are hot for making cash from Uprisings, the sense of a revolt to come that’s been in the air for some time. I’ve noticed them sniffing around… e.g. The commercial art gallerys in and around Eastcastle street, London W1 near my workplace, have been carrying shows with political content recently – there’s a market in peoples kick-back against the recesssion and financial crises. Its good to see the work but there’s something disgusting about the timing – catching radical minds in the net of commerce.

Then again culture needs to respond to what’s happening!

London Riots comments by Reggae music

Lots more on the North London riots on Uncarved by the way…


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