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The current NME has a cover resplendent with the quote ” I Don’t Give a Sh*t About a Royal Wedding” (Tyler), and inside there is a not bad historical review of ‘when bands took on the establishment’. Some good pointers for the teeny boppers amongst the short fragments of pop’s political history. The Manics come out best with a piece that argues well for their autodidact stand for a Welsh working class culture of resistance.

One can only wonder if the marketers have ordered a bracing dose of rebelliousness to up NMEes street cred in the hard times their readership are facing. These kinds of calculations must now be common amongst the hipper rock entrepreneurs.

Other stuff was good to be reminded about even for those of us who lived through it like Dusty Springfield against apartheid in 1964. More recently things I missed like PJ Harveys face-off with Gordon Brown on the Andrew Marr show singing ‘Let England Shake’. And, also just last year, Lady Gaga standing up to the US Military and contributing to the abolition of DADT.

But of course there’s a lot more that’s not there. But then again the breadth of issues, interventions and plain conflicts and lawlessness points to an interesting book cryingout to be written.

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