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The Tunisian rap track that concided with Ben Ali departure some months ago deserves a mention. Hamada Ben Amore a.k.a El General’s viral track title translates as ‘Mr President your people are dying’. The lyrics detailing the corruption of the state and track are widely available online.

A senior Tunisian rapper Balti has a currently released track ‘Zine el-Abadine Ben Ali and the 40 Thieves’. Balti has taken a global stage through his interview on CNN.
’We felt like our voices didn’t get to the regime… but thank God our voices were heard by the people, so we were the fuel of our revolution.’

Great Protest Songs

To somewhat balance the implication that Western cultural forms have become key to these uprising read the excellent piece by Sinan Antoon:

I particularly like learning about Ahmad Fu’ad Nigm”


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