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John Legend has teamed up with The Roots to bring out an agitdisco album mainly based on older songs. This is my stab at adding some of  the original artists to the Wake Up! playlist info on the CD.

  1. “Hard Times” written by Curtis Mayfield
  2. “Compared to What” written by Eugene McDaniels
  3. “Wake Up Everybody” (Harold Melvin 1975?) written by Carstarphen, McFadden & Whitehead)
  4. “Our Generation” written by Leon Moore
  5. “Little Ghetto Boy”  (orig. Donna Hathaway 1972?) written by Malik Yuseef
  6. Hang On in There” written by Mike James Kirkland
  7. “Humanity: Love the Way It Should Be” written by Lincoln Thompson
  8. “Wholy Holy” (Marvin Gaye 1971) writen by Gaye, Benson & Cleveland
  9. “I Can’t Write Left Handed” (Bill Withers 1973) written Withers & Jackson
  10. “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” (Nina Simone 1967) written by Taylor & Dallas
  11. “Shine” written by John Stephens

Thanks to Siobhan Murphy of the Metro for alerting me to this by making it her ‘album of the week’. It does show me that the timing of the Agit Disco book is probably spot on.


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