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19-4-10  Arwa Haider followed a Big Interview with Paul Hardcastle, on the day of his 25th Anniversary reissue of ’19 Boys to War’ with a list of five more pop protest songs from the Eighties:

1. (We don’t need this) ‘Fascist Groove Thang‘ – Heaven 17, 1981. “History will repeat itself… Europe’s an unhappy land”

2. ‘The War Song’ – Culture Club, 1984. “War is stupid…”

3. ‘Sun City’ – Steven Van Zandt et al. – 1985. “Made the horror of apartheid a prime time issue” A.H.

4. ’99 Luftballoons’ – Nena. 1983

5. ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ – The Specials AKA, 1984. Jerry Dammers great anthem.

I turned the page to see a four star review of Paul Weller’s album ‘Wake Up the Nation’, by John Lewis. “the most adventurous music of his career”. And even a mention of Le Tigre’s “tough feminist punk” in a review of Kate Nash by Claire Allfree. These Metro writers seem to know their political music references.

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