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I have always thought that London’s rappers get a short straw on the meanstream Medjas.

There’s a lot of talent out there that shows itself off in the open mike events which have a speakers corner buzz about them. The freedom is there, the szpiel is there, the wisdom of the people is bubbling up there, the raw voice of anger is there, the voice of the oppressed gets it airing in such subterranean public spouting holes.

One particularly talented individual is known to me through my son Lech, one of whose oldest mates is  the London rapper Mc Wildeye who has also been performing as part of  LondonCitySoldiers and Bassline circus. See LCS clipped on my phone from a Form 696 benefit in Vauxhall here:

Londoncitysoldiers 2

Biog from Facebook- “MC Wildeye born in 1976, West London to Irish and Iraqi parents, he and his family lived in the then lively Golborne Road W10. Growing up in the shadow of Trellick Towers Wildeye soon became aware of the positive and negative elements of environment in which he lived. The area, a mixture of West Indian, Irish and Moroccan communities, offered him an amazing cultural experience. With the carnival outside his front door and the UK’s premier graffiti hall of fame outside his backdoor, the scene was set…”

Read more and hear some great tracks on:

C’mon mainstream media! When is there going to be an open Hip Hop programme using homegrown rappers on the freeview channels? Come’on media fellows get with the commons! There ain’t anything like ‘Ready Steady Go’ now; nobody with the courage and ope-mindedness of Elkan Allan. Media folk, get your digits outa your middle class arseholes and onto the pulse. If you really wanna ‘save the world’ you need to let the music of the streets go free on the airwaves!

And the reason it doesn’t happen is…. hip hop culture is still too raw. too working class, to of the moment, too full of thought, too full of fluid anger and passion, to connected to the estates, still growing from the ground up, to be allowed a platform.

I argued this out in some detail, without reference to the current rap scene, twenty years ago…    Conspiracy of Good Taste

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