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Tusk, Mary C. ‘Freedom Song: Young Voices and the Struggle for Civil Rights’, Chicago Review Press, 2009.  Includes: ‘Songs on the Road to Freedom’, a Chicago Childrens Choir CD

‘Combining memorable music with a historical context, this title provides a fresh perspective on the civil rights movement by showing how certain songs served as its voice. From the Chicago Children’s Choir to the SNCC Freedom Singers, it examines the churches and groups that worked to counteract segregation.’

What I like about this is the idea of a children’s choir singing in Chicago as a way of keeping this often heroic history of the Civil Rights struggle alive for a younger generation. It includes the lyrics of key songs and of course its not just church songs.. There quite a few white allies like Richard Farina in there too. There is a chapter on South Africa as well. Not academic, in a good way – this is a labour of love and passion.

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