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‘Ian Dury and The Blockheads: song by song’ by Jim Drury (including a 10 track CD of the Blockheads). Sanctuary 2003 (with a foreword by Phil Jupitus)

I just found this is secondhand record shop in Soho…

This is Ian Dury through the eyes of the long suffering Blockheads. Dury is presented as a troubled genius.

“Ruthless and at times tyrannical”  ” a professional bully… an ugly drunk…” oh dear! another hero hits the dust. From age of 7 to 12 he was in institutions where “sexual abuse was rife and the principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’ ruled”

A friend whose dad worked for him as security didn’t like him and I’ve heard that his family and friends on seeing a preview of the new biog film ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll’ thought that the portrayal was too kind. On the other hand Jim Drury (not Dury!) says that he “changed for the better the lives of many that crossed his path… and retained a deeply held, emotional commitment, to the underprivileged.” As well a being a lyrical genius who managed to capture working class English colloquial values and humour both vulgar and subtle perhaps more than any other. Jupitus describes “his pantomime brutality and gruff Essex whimsey”.

There was an enthusiastic review of the film by Andrew O’Hagan in the Evening Standard 8-1-2010 p.27

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