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Seen in a London paper yesterday. A picture of old Etonian Boris and a sub-line ‘X Factor for Buskers’ visit:

What this actually means is that it is illegal to play music in a public place without permission, nay a ‘licence’. Never mind it is a public vote it still upholds the systemic principles of SELECTION & COMPETITION.

Instead of artists being able to present whatever difficult ‘statement’ that they think up as an evaluative response to the conditions in which we find ourselves – she has to submit a recording to a competitive platform. That’s not the way that oral culture works best. e’g’ How’s a drone player whose work might work in an echoic underground tunnel going to win over an online audience with 3 second attention span? Most open mic sessions in clubs or ‘speakers corner’ rap situations are open to all comers…  Talent spotting is not the be all of culture.

Offering the public choice might seem to get around the usual middle class gatekeepers but all it does is implicate all of us who actively respond, and have online access and time on our hands, in the process of selection. Or allows buskers with a wide network of supportive friends to play the system.

Vote now for ‘artistic license’.

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