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Singing in public is becoming increasing illegal, as is any live music, as the system inexorably colonises the lifeworld.

Hamish Birchall from the Live Music Forum is a good source of information. A good short summary here:

Full details and history here:

‘Live music is, like anything else which is an attraction in licensed premises, potentially a public order problem,’ he began. ‘If you start from that point of view, then it becomes clear what you must do…’ St Albans Liberal Democrat councillor Chris White, when he gave evidence to the Parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Tuesday 14 October 2008.  Chris White is also chairman of the Local Government Association’s Culture Committee, and also their licensing spokesman.

Sign the petition against criminalising live music!

Here is a link to the Parliamentary Culture Committee’s evidence transcript of 14 October 2008:

Another key person is Lesley Cameron who has said she is ‘passionate about licensing’. This can be found on the Institute of Licensing’s website.  Earlier this year she became the chairperson of the Home Counties section of the Institute of Licensing:

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