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the-day-live-music-died– Andy McSmith – The Independent
The law says that a publican can show football on a large-screen television, or have piped music blaring out, but if there is a folk singer or rapper in the pub, there has to be a special licence called a Temporary Event Notice (TEN). According to the Musicians’ Union, small venues have stopped putting on live music because managements do not want the hassle of filling out lengthy forms.”
McSmith also discusses form 696 and bemoans the lack of protest from higher profile musicians or the Music Press. These kind of laws are killing us softly.
And it is live music where music is most political and most subversive – need I say.

A new group called Resist Form 696 has formed to co-ordinate efforts against the risk assessment form and they are organising a three day event in London featuring popular bands. Here is their press release and you can learn more at their website or sign the petition online at,

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    • Posted October 7, 2010 at 7:47 pm
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    Government response

    Thank you for the above petition.

    Form 696 is a risk assessment form which the Metropolitan Police requests promoters and licensees of events to complete and submit 14 days in advance of an event in 21 London Boroughs. Non compliance with this may result in police opposition to event licenses being granted.

    As you may be aware, the 696 form has been updated. The original form asked for details of ethnic groups likely to attend the performance, but that version was revised to omit those parameters in December 2008.

    In September 2009, the Metropolitan Police announced that venues would no longer be asked for details of the music style. A requirement to provide the telephone number of the performing artist will also be dropped and an independent scrutiny panel will be set up to ensure that the form is not misused.

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