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Reddington, Helen. The Lost Women of Rock: female musicians of the punk era. Ashgate 2007
“Before this time, women’s presence in rock bands, with a few notable exceptions, had always been as vocalists. This sudden influx of female musicians into the male domain of rock music was brought about partly by the enabling ethic of punk rock”
Stuff on Polystyrene (who used to turn up at the Oval Workshops in the mid-Seventies when I was squatting in St Agnes Place), The Slits (of course – hardly forgotten!), The Rain coats, Gaye Black, Rubella Ballet,

Worth remembering this book was published and to look out for the remainder copies… It doesn’t seem to have come out in paperback! And the hardback is £55! C’mon Ashgate isn’t it about time to bring out an affordable paperback edition.
This is commonly one of the ways that radical book information has been kept from the ‘masses’ – (so it might be quite a good book…!)


Here’s something a bit cheaper but looks like its our of print…

“Bondage Up Yours” Experiences of female Punks in the Nineteen Nineties, by M.Liptrot. Pamphlet. 2005

The result of a degree study by Michele a female punk from the North of England. This is an interesting collection of comments, interviews and history of womens participation in punk. (found on


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  1. Wow, I love that you wrote this blog about female punk rockers! I was in an all girl band in the early 80’s and we loved punk music. We were the ONLY all girl rock band in our town and I think even our state at the time. I played electric lead guitar in 1979, very rare back then. Good times! My former band mate and I have written a rock-n-roll comedy blog loosely based on that very subject…female punk rockers, except the story is about the ‘girls’ getting the band back together today. Our new band is called HotPhlash. 🙂 Time marches on!

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