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Canned Music and Class Struggle: Public Space and Muzak as Policing

“Muzak… the equivalent of Chinese water torture… for 40 hours per week… horrible.” (former shopworker).

“Originally piped into workplaces to improve productivity, muzak has now invaded public spsce like a cancer everywhere, from lifts to shops, transport, toilets, telephones…
Used in shops to create an atmosphere that makes what is on sale more saleable and appealing, Muzak is the commodity, that, being consumed, encourages you to buy other commodities; neatly illustrating the old situationist slogan “culture – the commodity that sells all the others.”
From drumming more productivity from workers in World War 2, through bamboozling shoppers into spending more, to modern developments in music and sound as social control, ‘Muzak to My Ears’ recounts a brief history of muzak and analyses its continuing role in our alienation.”

Pamphlet is £1.50, including postage and packing,
Write cheques payable to ‘A. Hodson’
past tense
c/o 56a Infoshop
56 Crampton Street
SE17 3AE

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